The Arts



Some of the Participants in the 2017 Pop-up Celebration of the Arts:


--Rick Beyer ’78 is a New York Times best-selling  author, an award-winning documentary producer, and a long-time history enthusiast. His work explores quirky and compelling stories from our past. His most recent book, Rivals Unto Death: Hamilton and Burr, was published in February 2017. His independent documentary  The Ghost Army, premiered on PBS in 2013, and he is the author of The Greatest Stories Never Told  series of history books.  



--Evelyn Chan ’77:  Starting out as a soprano, Evy was based in Paris for 20 years, where she first stumbled upon "Forbidden Music" in 1995. Since then she has organized concerts/festivals and presented lectures on this vast repertoire, not only in Europe but also in the USA and Asia.

     If you still think of music from the 20th century as mostly 12-tone/atonal and hence "unappealing," come to the presentations on June 16th and see this myth debunked and exposed as yet another great Nazi crime.



--Amy Cholnoky ’77:  I've been a photographer since I was 14 and using my dad's old camera, developing and printing on my own, sometimes in a friend's bathroom! With a mom who is a sculptor and a daughter who is a painter, I got peer pressured by my family into re-connecting with the artist in me, and photography is my medium. I love it all: landscapes, wildlife, macro, abstract. Now living halftime in Montana, the inspirations and opportunities are endless.


-- Holly Benson '77 is Managing Partner and Global Head of the Talent and Organization Practice at Infosys Consulting. A member of the World Economic Forum's Council on the Future of Education, Gender and Work, she speaks and publishes on the future of work in a time of automation, artificial intelligence, and technology-driven business disruption. She does a little artwork in her spare time, inspired mostly by nature, because "it helps me remember what's real".