Who came!

Yes!  I attended the '77 60th Birthday Bash in Jackson, Wyoming, August 20-23!!


Beach, Tom 

Behr, Tim

Benson, Holly Hoel

Bradford, Leslie and Tuck                                       

Burnweit, Cathy

Cholnoky, Amy and John                                         

Cogswell, Doug

Dana, Chuck and Cindy                                          

Danford, Will and Nancy

Dauten, Kent and Elizabeth                                      

Dibbell, David and Stacy                                          

Duffy, Ann                                                                

Faulkner, Joe and Noreen

Finnerty, Leslie Kenney                                                      

Guth, Jim and John Murrow                                    

Hable, Tim and Mimi 

Hanlon, Phil, Gail Gentes                                        

Hatfield, Carla Persons

Haraway, David and Linda

Krob, Genny Guimond 

Lapres, Ted and Connie                                           

Lewis-Oakes, Nicole and Jeffrey

Lowe, Andrea                                                           

Perkins, Pam

Phillips, Kathy                                                            

Pollard, Ted,   Deb 

Replogle, Bill and Barb                                             

Rogers, Gary and Jill                                                

Rosston, Jean                                                            

Sarner, Rick and Sharyn  

Schilhammer, Gary             

Simpson, Dee Dee and David                                  

Stalker, Anne Goode                                                

Stout, Bill and Jan                                                     

Stroock, Betty                                                                                        

Stueber, Betsy and Fred   

Taylor, Diana       

Toll, Michael and Monica

Townsend, Lucy 

Ullman, Edy 

Vespoli, Nancy and Mike

Volanakis, Pete and Cathy

Young, Suzanne and Tracy