Bartlett Tower Society



The Bartlett Tower Society, Dartmouth’s legacy society, celebrates the foresight and generosity of those who have included Dartmouth College in their long-term financial plans.

In honor of our upcoming 40th reunion, we have set a goal of

40 members by the 40th.

Please consider helping us reach that target number!

The Easiest and Most Popular Ways to become a Bartlett Tower Society Member

Retirement Account

ü    No minimum; leave a percentage or specific dollar amount

ü    Easy to do; can often be done online in a matter of minutes

ü    Maintain the ability to alter your gift, should your circumstances change

ü    Benefit a specific program, create a permanent endowment, or support the highest priorities at the time

ü    Assets are removed from estate for federal estate tax purposes

ü   Name Trustees of Dartmouth College as a primary beneficiary

Life Insurance Policy



A simple, flexible and tax-efficient way to give to your favorite charities:

Donor Advised Fund

ü    Minimum gift of $250,000 – donor receives an upfront tax deduction

ü    Simplify management of your charitable giving

ü    No fees

ü    Invested in the total return pool of Dartmouth’s endowment

ü    5% or more of the fund’s market value is distributed annually,
50% to Dartmouth, with the remainder available to other 501
(c)(3) charities and/or to Dartmouth as designated by the donor

ü   Incur no capital gains tax on appreciated assets

 As of June 12, 2017 there are 36 members of the Bartlett Tower Society.

Class of 1977 Bartlett Tower Society Honor Roll as of June 12, 2017

Philip J. Andryc

Anne Asbill Attridge

Cathy A. Burnweit

Scott J. Cameron

David M. Cutler

Beth Daniell

B. Cort Delany

Susan Dentzer

A. P. Duffy

Donna E. Fletcher

Garth H. Greimann

Lindsay L. Greimann

Frank T. Ittner


Elizabeth Epstein Kadin

Elizabeth C. Kent

Mary Collins McDougall

T. Martin Milligan

Peter B. Mills

Katharine A. Phillips

David G. Pierce

Gary Rogers

Georgina Tugwell Russo

Thomas A. Russo

John Storella

Robin Travers

Nancy Parssinen Vespoli


Peter F. Volanakis

Michael R. Walsh

Marianne Enos Walsh

Thomas B. West

Donald H. Wiviott

Sandy Wood

Jocelyn Shaw Woolworth

Leslie Embs Bradford

Jeffrey F. Welles

Maud Iselin Welles


For more information, talk to John Storella or email

Dartmouth’s Gift Planning Staff is also available for a personal, confidential, and non-binding consultation. Feel free to contact them at:

(800) 451-4067 -