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Friends, Classmates and countrypeople, lend me your eyes. And brains if you will. The Great Class of ’77 is about to embark on its first ever officially sanctioned (by whom I say not) Book Club. The only requirement for membership is that you are somehow afflicted I mean affiliated with our Class. Before official kickoff, this is one last attempt to garner your input on format and content in the club. Ideally, we would all commit to reading one or more books (you know, those quaint antiquated thingy’s that Gutenburg pioneered via moveable type printed on paper that do not need chargers or user agreements) and then plan to dissect and discuss as we lead up to and perhaps during our 40th reunion next June. 
Today’s exercise is to solicit input on the tomes we might tackle. Ideas put forth to date include:

1. All things 77. Book must have 77 in the title. Hmmmm, somewhat limiting?
2. Books by Dartmouth’s own, such as Mindy Kaling (making the Freshman 10 funny and then losing the freshman 10 more funny), Shonda Rhymes (making everything that is fearful and femme funny), Joey Gleason (aka 77’s Robert Frost) or Phil Odence and his fish the College Grant posse.
3. Trendy books that might share a theme. 77 Shades of what????
4. Great Books – you know, the things we pretended to read while we were instead playing beer pong and such
5. Conspiracy Theory books like Whisky Tango Foxtrot (WTF???) or The Circle…

We are looking for suggestions on format, themes and titles (keeping in mind Politics and Religion are off limits since the goal is to bring us together not to kill each other). Please take a moment to share your ideas below, or shoot me an email @ We look forward to your brilliant ideas!          - Ann Duffy

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Did you know that the Class of '77 sponsors mini-reunions (at least 2 people) to the tune of $20 pp and $20 per guest.?  Just email us your receipt and list those in attendance.


  Be sure to support our classmate President Hanlon in a city near you:  If you plan on attending, how about arranging a mini-reunion after the reception?  Spend some quality time with classmates in your area. Please contact our mini-reunion chair, Leslie Bradford <> if you are interested. She will make it easy for you--all you need to do is book a venue and show up! We will take care of the invitations and provide a stipend. For the rest of you, news of mini-reunions will be posted here, so check this site often.