Class Dues
Dear Fellow Classmate:

In the year completed last June we received $28.9k from the 38% of you participating. We spent all of those dues receipts on the following:

     --three newsletters

     --several mini-reunions around the country

     --the Jackson Hole 60th Birthday Reunion

     --Dartmouth Partners in Community Service internship program

     --SEAD—on campus enrichment program for under-resourced students

     --Greek participation in the Prouty Cancer Research fundraiser

     --undergraduate research

     --student art projects

     --the increasingly popular Winter Carnival Sculpture Contest

     --Football recruiting sponsorship.


Our class gets a lot of bang for our bucks on and off-campus!! We hope you will continue supporting these programs and helping us stay connected. We are keeping our dues at the always reasonable $77.00.


But PLEASE NOTE—We have had to add a $5.00 charge for credit card processing as bank fees have more than doubled and, quite frankly, are outrageous. We hope those of you using credit cards understand.


Thanks to all of you who have participated consistently. Hopefully, those of you who have lapsed entirely or missed a few years will consider participation once again.


Happy 60th!


Nancy Vespoli, President                                                    Pete Volanakis, Treasurer

Your dues of $77 can be sent to:
Dartmouth 1977
Ledyard National Bank
PO Box 799
Hanover, NH  03755